Welcome to the 2018 Cambridge Gender and Sexuality History Workshop!

We are very excited to start a fresh year of workshops. We already have a great line up for Michaelmas coming together.

The Gender and Sexuality History Workshop is designed as a space for early researchers to share their work on any aspect of gender and sexuality history – no time/geographical limits! Once papers are given at the weekly workshops, there is an opportunity for questions, feedback and discussion, making it a great atmosphere in which to learn and meet others with similar interests to your own. After the workshop, we’ll all head over to the bar for continued, more informal chat.

This new blog is a new feature of the workshop – it’s designed to keep those who can’t make the workshop up to date and allow researchers’ presentations to reach a wider audience, through our weekly commentries.

It’s also an opportunity for members of our community – that is you! – to contribute to the workshop in written form. We would love to hear if you’d like to contribute to this blog.

The call for submissions is now closed for Michaelmas, but will reopen at the end of term so that we can put together an equally exciting schedule for Lent – so keep an eye out for our next cfp.

In the mean time, we can’t wait to see you very soon at one of our workshops.


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